SIP Trunking

Jabo Communications SIP Trunking solution- The most advanced way to provide service for your phone system.

SIP trunking provides businesses of all sizes the ability to leverage their current internet connections to power calls over their on premise phone system. With SIP trunking businesses with an existing phone system, or looking to purchase a new phone system, can use the most advanced and flexible solution for phone services. SIP trunking does away with the wasted money and rigidity of T1’s and traditional phone lines and replaces them with state of the art virtual lines that many businesses are moving to today.

Benefits of SIP Trunking:

  • Savings- SIP trunking allows you to do away with the wasted lines of your current solution as well as your long distance costs to give you a much more cost effective solution that typical saves users 25-60% over their current setups.
  • Unification-SIP trunking goes hand in hand with helping your phone system unify all of your locations and provides you with direct inward dialing to bring your company together.
  • Flexibility-SIP trunking reduces the wasted lines of T1’s by giving you the ability to add as few as 1 or as many call paths as you need while your company grows.

Check out our section on VoIP VS. Traditional to find out more about how SIP Trunking can benefit you and call the Jabo Communication sales team to learn more about what Sip can do for your company.