VoIP vs Traditional Phone Service

Why VoIP?

VoIP vs Traditional Phone Serivce

So your not sure if your ready to move your company over to VoIP. Your traditional service has been fine right? Sure it’s expensive and frustrating now but what would be the difference if you went with VoIP? Below we’ve tried to compile a table that may help answer that question and gives you a side by side comparison of how VoIP and traditional phone services stack up.

VOIP Traditional Phone Service
Feature Rich- VoIP provides numerous features your traditional services can’t offer. Features such as “find me follow me” and “voicemail to email” to name just a few. Also, VoIP provides the ability to pick and choose features and creates a more robust and customizable experience for users. Features are limited- Due to the nature of the technology the traditional carrier is in a situation in which they can’t compete.
Cost Effective- VoIP provides users with flat rates and free long distance and typically cost 25-40% less than traditional services. Cost Prohibitive- The cost of traditional services is higher with long distance and other fees typically applied.
Mobility- With VoIP your users have much more freedom of mobility. When traveling all you need is either your VoIP phone or a computer with softphone capabilities and you can plug in anywhere you can receive internet access and start making calls just like you were in the office. Stuck in one place- With traditional services you have copper lines that are bound to one location.
Unification- Would you like to tie all of your offices and users into one unified system? You can with VoIP. You can have multiple offices nationwide tied together with data and voice networks. Multiple Offices Multiple Problems- The traditional services must setup lines and numbers for each individual office and in some cases you may have multiple offices using multiple carriers and no unification.
Customizable- VoIP carriers typically have multiple plans and options that allow you to get the features you need and the plans you want. You Get What You Get- Traditional services typically have the same plan for everyone.

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